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How to Ash Your Cigar

Smoking a cigar is not the same as smoking a cigarette for different reasons. To begin with, there’s no need to tap or flick your cigar like you do for a cigarette. Cigars are crafted with long-filler tobacco meaning they hold a much longer ash than a cigarette. By flicking a cigar often, the same way as you do for a cigarette will most likely break the ember of the cigar and you will have to relight the cigar. So how do we ash a cigar the proper way?

Patience is a virtue when you smoke a cigar. The first tip is to wait until the ash of your cigar is about 1 inch long before dropping the ash in the ashtray. Be careful not waiting too long or else you will end up with the ash on your clothing or simply on the floor. The best method to ash your cigar is to slowly roll it in the ashtray to form a cone shape at the tip of the cigar. This will allow you to keep about an inch long of ashes on your cigar.

By properly maintaining your cigar during your smoke, you will optimize your smoking experience and increase the flavor and the scent of your cigar.

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