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What is Inside a Cigar

Cigars are a natural and artisanal product that are made with only one thing – tobacco, pure tobacco. The beauty of the tobacco leaves that are used for cigars is that it is purely natural. The cigar is never chemically treated nor artificially changed for taste. Compared to cigarettes, there are no preservatives used to increase shelf life of cigars nor are there any sweeteners! Chemicals and additives are only found in mass-produced cigars, but not handmade cigars.

The tobacco leaf is not the only artisanal or natural aspect of the cigar. Rolling the perfect handmade cigar is an artisanal skill that takes years of training to fully master. Blending tobacco into a cigar is an art. Due to the crop variation over the years, the cigar blender must have the required skills to be able to work effectively with an ingredient that changed over the years.

Some cigars become better over the years similar to wine. Even though cigar makers will do their best to make sure all cigars are consistent, this does not happen often due to the various crops. All cigars will always have a small variation.

Our high ceiling public area contains a walk-in humidor stocked with unique and exclusive cigars from all over the world. Our team has years of experience in cigars and are extremely knowledgeable to help you pick a cigar that is perfect for you. All of our employees have been trained and achieved certification as a Cigar Sommelier from IACS (International Association of Cigar Sommeliers). Based upon your preferences, our staff will assist in selecting a cigar that you will enjoy.

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