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How to Light a Cigar

Lighting a cigar is not the same as lighting a cigarette as it takes much longer. Patience is key in lighting up a cigar because it takes long to light up. But don’t worry, even seasoned cigar veteran makes mistakes. A properly lit cigar is important to ensure you get all the flavors of the blend as the maker intended them to be experienced. A properly lit cigar should be burning evenly on all sides.

The first step to lighting your cigar properly is to find the right lighter. Your cigar should be lit with a long wooden match or butane lighter. Avoid candles, paper matches, and lighters to that use lighter fluid due the chemical used in those lighters. The best device is a wooden match.

Now that you found the right lighting device, you are now ready to light your cigar. Star lighting your cigar by holding it at a 45 degrees angle over the flame without the flame touching the cigar. Rotate the cigar until the foot begins to ignite. Make sure that the foot of cigar is burning evenly on all of sides.

The next step is to light the filler. Use a longer wooden match to create a large flame so you can light the entire filler at the same time. Place the cigar between your lips and hold the wooden match about half an inch from the cigar and rotate the cigar as you draw in air.

Your cigar should now be lit up and ready!

We offer at the King Cigar Lounge a variety of butane lighters as well as long wooden matches for your next cigar. The king Cigar Lounge is available for both the public and our private members. Come join at the lounge for the best cigar smoking experience in the hear of Downtown Los Angeles.

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