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How to Smoke Your First Cigar

We can assume that you purchased your first cigar if you are reading this post. Congratulations on your first purchase, you are now entering the cigar community. You are probably asking yourself what am I supposed to do to enjoy your first cigar experience. Below are some steps we recommend to all of our first time cigar smokers:

Step 1: Find a calm place

There is nothing worse than trying out something new in a place you do not feel comfortable. A cigar lounge is usually a great place due to the calming environment and people able to help you. At the King Cigar Lounge, we have a large public lounge available for everyone and a large private area for members only. The public area has seating for our walk in guests, an outdoor patio to take in the city scape, and a large flat screen TV on the wall to catch all of the latest sport events.

Step 2: Choose the Cigar

Smoking a great cigar is important for your first experience. The goal is for you is to have a smooth and tasty cigar. Our staff, cigar sommeliers have years of experience in cigars and will be able to help you chose your perfect first cigar. Another option is to ask friends who already have been smoking cigars for years.

Step 3: Cutting the Cigar

It might seem simple to cut a cigar, but it can make a big difference in your cigar experience if not cut properly. It is very important that you cut your cigar with a very sharp cutter and that your cut is just enough for the first cap to come off. Make sure to cut the cigar with confidence for a nice clean cut. If you do not feel comfortable cutting your first cigar by yourself, any cigar lounge will help you. At the King Cigar Lounge, our experienced staff will be more than happy to show you how to cut your first cigar.

Step 4: Lighting the Cigar

Your first instinct is probably to put the lighter on the cigar and puff it until it is lights up. As much of a good guess this could be, we do not recommend you taking this direction. The proper way is for you to hold the cigar at an angle and ignite your lighter without the flame touching the leaves. Keep rotating the cigar until it is evenly lit. The most important part is to not burn your cigar as the taste will not be the same.

Step 5: Enjoy your Cigar

For your first puff, we do not recommend you to fully inhale the smoke. The right way to smoke your first cigar is to suck the air gently and fill your mouth with that tasty smoke. Once you have enjoyed the taste, blow it away. You can then repeat this step each time you want to take another puff. Enjoy your cigar, appreciate the cigar, and enjoy your moment.

Have a great first smoke and we hope to have you at the King Cigar Lounge soon!

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